Sunday, 4 April 2010

Welcome To The Site


For those just joining us, after almost exactly a year, I've finally done it. I've managed to review every single issue of the Amazing Spider-Man published before the launch of Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man in 1976 - not to mention reviewing Amazing Fantasy #15 while I was at it.

That means that, within these jaded pages, you'll find 163 reviews. Some of them are long. Some of them are short. Some of them are positive and a handful are negative. They were also written over the course of a year and so, as time went along, my reviewing style changed, starting with more detail about the plots but becoming more about my own opinions as I went along. My apologies if I say things that ruffle any feathers (especially of whatever Punisher fans there might be left out there) and my gratitude if, by some miracle, you agree with every word I say but, in the end the opinions, whether they be right or wrong, are mine and I can only declare them to have been honest at the time of writing.

Now all that's left for me to do is to tidy up my older posts and sort out all those links to the old site, and my work here will be done. If you've read any of the reviews (or even all of them) thank you for doing so and always remember one thing, with great something comes great something else and, whatever you do, never let anything bite you that looks like it might be glowing.


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