Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #95. London

Amazing Spider-Man #95, London, Tower Bridge
(Thanks to the magic of comic book land, Tower Bridge is magically transported to stand besides the Houses of Parliament. Cover from April 1971.)


Written by Stan Lee
Art by John Romita and Sal Buscema
Lettering by Artie Simek

What happens:
Peter Parker's sent to London to get some news photos. While there, he aims to find Gwen Stacy but, instead, blunders into a terrorist attack. Their attempt to blow up a plane foiled by our hero, they kidnap a political delegate. Now Spider-Man faces a race against time to find him before a bomb blows him up.

He finds him, tied up, in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament and rescues him. The only problem is, now that everyone knows Spider-Man's in London, there's no way he can go looking for Gwen. If she discovers that both Parker and Spider-Man are in the city at the same time, she'll realise the two men are one and the same.

The Verdict:
Joe Robertson has to be the best boss on Earth. Upon learning that Pete can't afford the flight to look for Gwen, he gives him a paid assignment to go to London and get some news pics. News pics of what? He doesn't say - or seem to care.

Peter Parker, meanwhile, has to be the unluckiest man alive. His first flight to England and it gets attacked by terrorists. For that matter, anyone who even meets him should fear for their life. The only person he talks to on the flight just happens to get kidnapped by the terrorists. The boy should carry a public health warning.

Nice to know that stereotypes still abound, with everyone in London looking and sounding like they've just sauntered in from the 1930s.

Oh dear. Gwen's come down with Aunt May Condition and, at the first sight of Spidey, promptly faints.

Interesting that time bomb disposal 's now part of Spidey's repertoire. Although I'm not sure his favoured method - just yanking out the fuse - is part of recommended military practice.

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