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Amazing Spider-Man #92. Iceman

Amazing Spider-Man #92, the Iceman
(Cover from January 1971.)


Written by Stan Lee
Pencils by Gil Kane
Inks by John Romita
Lettering by Artie Simek

What happens:
Discovered in Peter Parker's apartment, Spider-Man has to act fast so that Gwen and Bullit won't realise his true identity. And so he abducts Gwen while making disparaging remarks about her boyfriend. Unfortunately for him, he's been spotted, swinging overhead, by Iceman of the X-Men who starts to fight him. Bullit's delighted. He can make it look like the Iceman's working for him.

But that's when the Daily Bugle withdraws its support. Joe Robertson's unearthed information about Bullit and his backers. Now, because of it, Bullit wants rid of Robertson. Peter spots his men leading Joe away and, after a quick return bout with the Iceman, follows them to a warehouse. There, the crooks're going to kill Joe, but Spidey and Iceman foil their plan. Now the pair show up at Bullit's latest fund-raising dinner and tell everyone about the plot to kill Robertson. And that's the end of Bullit's political career, not to mention his liberty.

The Verdict:
Peter Parker really is the biggest idiot on the face of the planet, not to mention the worst boyfriend any girl could ever hope to have. Upon being found entering Peter Parker's flat, all he has to do is say to Gwen and Bullit, "Where's Parker? He owes me money for all those photos he keeps taking." Instantly, he's got a reason for being there. So, what does he do? He grabs Gwen and kidnaps her! Er, yeah, that'll convince the world you're not a criminal and won't in any way shape or form distress your so-called beloved.

The Iceman's girlfriend's almost as big an idiot as Spider-Man. Upon seeing our hero swinging over the streets of New York with the terrified Gwen, she declares, "Why doesn't someone do something?" Yeah? Like what?

J Jonah Jameson's getting to be quite the race relations campaigner. If they're not careful, we're going to end up liking the old windbag.

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